Liski Olympics supplier for Beijing 2022. The Bergamo company was awarded the second lot [ENG]

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Brembate and Beijing are now closer. Liski Sport Equipment has been awarded the second lot to supply sports equipment for the contests that will take place in China in the coming years. The Bergamo company, which boasts great experience and is known internationally, will be on the track in the Winter Olympics scheduled for 2022. However, the equipment and materials will be provided well in advance for the usual Test Events that precede the major events and will start next season.

Great satisfaction at Liski, in part because so much equipment is required. Liski Sport Equipment will therefore be very clearly visible in all the venues, on athletes and professionals. And along the tracks that will soon become Olympic.

Liski’s name will appear on all race numbers, bibs and bracelets for skiers and organisers, rain protection, shovels, machinery to colour the tracks, door markers, crampons, backpacks, radio racks, snow unloading bags, tufts, flags, toboggans and tank measurement systems. And then there are also the tents that will be used for the starting areas, the Limit barriers used to construct the mixed zone and mattresses for safety. 

In short, we can speak of a broad and complete supply, which has now become a reality after the presentation of the dossiers in August. The 2019/2020 season starts off in the best way for Liski, which for months has focused on the many winter events that will follow. Beginning with the start of alpine skiing scheduled in Sölden (Austria) on 26 and 27 October.